Cafezique Glasgow review

Breakfast is one of the meals I really look forward to on a weekend or post-nights.

My favourite is poached eggs, whether it be eggs royale, eggs florentine or eggs benedict..

It annoys me when the poached eggs is not perfectly done, especially in the restaurant.

I tried Cafezique in Glasgow 2 months ago….

We sat at the top which apparently is the better seating area as it does not smell as much.

I thought their hot chocolate was really good. Not too thick. Good enough for my liking.

My eggs royale. Poached eggs were perfectly cooked. Not overdone. Love how the poached eggs were on a single muffin rather than 2 separate muffins.

French toast, banana. A bit strange that the banana was lying at the side of the french toast. Not quite what I expected it to be.

My friend had a B.L.T which was pretty ok.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience here and would love to come back again for the eggs royale. Definitely met my expectations! Prices are not too expensive either. Food presentation was pretty good. Would love to have more!

Cafezique on Urbanspoon


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