Chicken and century egg porridge recipe

My chicken and century egg porridge is something I have made for many many years, dating back to college times.

Everytime I think of porridge, it reminds me of how I used to make porridge 3x a week every morning for my ex-bf, pack it in a lunch box for him to take to work plus all the sides i.e. chicken floss to take along with him. Reminds me of how his colleagues used to admire all his different pack lunches. Maybe that’s how I became quite skilled at making porridge as practice makes perfect! lol…

Anyway, I do not really follow any recipes to make porridge. I just kind of created the porridge with my common sense…

To start off, boil water in a stock pot as shown above.

When water is boiling, add in pieces of chicken legs/thighs. Boil for roughly 35-40 minutes.

Haha! My rice cooker is old I know but it does its job! I tend to put in 2 cups of rice and fill the water to the top.

Take the chicken out of the pot once the chicken has been boiled for 35-40 minutes.

When the rice is cooked (sometimes I add extra water into the rice cooker whilst it is midway cooking just to make the rice absorb more water), transfer into the stock pot. Turn the fire down to a simmer or u risk burning ur porridge!

Add in more water if needed to make the porridge more loose.

Shred the chicken thighs/legs and put them into the pot.

Slice the century eggs and add them into the porridge as well.

Season with salt and pepper. You can add some chicken powder to enhance the taste if you want to.

Basically, it’s all about adding water until you get the perfect consistency. Don’t forget to keep stirring the porridge or they get glued to the bottom and then burnt porridge is what u get if u are not careful.

Garnish with spring onions and some sesame oil.



2 thoughts on “Chicken and century egg porridge recipe

  1. shocik – I love the method you you cooked it chicken legs/thighs stock – do you operate a stall selling prorrige – do advise

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