Holbeck Ghyll review

Ever heard of a michelin star restaurant?

I never did until one of my friends introduced it to me 5 years ago. Even then, I did not understand what it meant until I tried one.

‘ The guide awards one to three stars to a small number of restaurants of outstanding quality. One star indicates “very good cuisine in its category”; two stars represent “excellent cuisine, worth a detour”; and a rare three stars are awarded to restaurants offering “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.”‘

referenced from ^ The New Yorker, 23 November 2009, p. 44

Of course, the award of a star also means the exponential increase in price.

I have since then became quite obsessed with eating michelin star restaurants and collecting cookbooks from my favourite michelin star chefs with a desire to recreate to my very best what I tasted at their restaurants. I am at 85% completion of my michelin star restaurant journey.

My collection of michelin star chef’s cookbooks so far. Enough to keep me busy. This is only part of my extensive collection.

There are michelin star restaurants which is impossible for me to get a booking i.e. Fat Duck. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is difficult for me to get a booking due to the last minute-ness with my hectic working schedule.

Waterside Inn, Restaurant Sat Bains and Midsummer house were the michelin star restaurants which I had to give up the bookings as I had other plans ongoing at the same time. But I do want to visit these in the near future.

My first ever michelin star restaurant visit is Holbeck Ghyll at the Lake District in 2009. It was phenomenal. I have never taste such mouth-watering food in my life till then. Credits to the talented head chef David McLaughlin in making it happen.

Holbeck Ghyll have been awarded Michelin star for 12 consecutive years now and is definitely a worthwhile getaway to the countryside for fine food.


Virgin Mojito which was refreshing.

When I ate their bread a few years ago, I was so inspired to start baking my own bread!

Unique hot chocolate. Me and Chew Fatt’s obsession.

Amuse bouche: mushroom soup

Date pudding with vanilla ice-cream and caramel sauce.

Creme Brûlée with apple sorbet, poached apple and apple cider.

One of my favourites! Creme Brûlée was so delicious and well constructed out of the pot!

Tian of crab with avocado and pink grapefruit.

Best end of Cumbrian lamb with Aubergine and tampenade jus.

The lamb was so lovely tender and pink! The aubergine and tampenade jus really went well with the lamb. A heavenly combination! My favourite!!

Braised daube of beef with pomme puree and root vegetables.

Roasted brill with soused vegetables, asparagus and white bean foam.

Holbeck ghyll – my first gastronomical experience. Definitely deserves its one michelin star.

I would recommend paying a visit to this place while at the Lake District. But after I discovered L’enclume which is also in the Lake District, I would choose L’enclume over this! Even so, don’t miss out on both michelin star restaurants!

Holbeck Ghyll,

Holbeck Lane,



LA23 1LU,


T +44 (0)1539 432 375 

F +44 (0)1539 434 743



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