Introduction to sushi making (chapter 1)

Most people wondered how is it that my sushi looks professionally done.

Trick is…


Ok. Probably not as simple as that. Definitely practice in important but life is easier if a professional teaches you how to do it properly.

I learnt how to make sushi 7 years ago. I was working part time as a cleaner in my first year of med school. Then, I got kind of fed up and decided to try something different. Thanks to my friend, I managed to get a part time job as a sushi chef in Yo Sushi. Prior to being employed, they taught me how to make sushi very briefly. I managed to pick up the skill relatively quickly and conjured up some pretty good-looking sushi. I was trained and worked every saturday for 2 months before I eventually gave up as I felt that they were underpaying me.

After I left Yo sushi, I managed to secure another post as a sushi chef in another sushi shop. The shop at the time was not yet officially opened. I started off being the pioneer and trained all the other part-timers on how to make sushi.

Even when I was completing my foundation training as a doctor, I do occasionally work with my previous employer in huge sushi events for weddings, birthday parties etc. It is not because working as a doctor has a low salary, but the fact that I love making sushi so much.

Sushi is a good way to gather people together. I am grateful God has blessed me with this gift so I can bless others in the same way God has blessed me.

This was the first ever occasion I decided to make sushi at home. I never thought I could do this until I tried. (year 2008)

Glad that first time sushi-making at home is a success. Never say impossible!

It then became a norm to make sushi whenever somebody visits me and specially request sushi…

Calls for a celebration for my graduation in 2010…

For a close friend’s birthday in 2011

My cell leader’s birthday 2010

My cell leader’s birthday in 2010

Rolls of sushi ready to be cut

Chew Fatt’s farewell do

Chew Fatt’s farewell do

Then it started looking a bit more professional….this was for a visiting friend from London in 2011

For cell members in Glasgow 2013

This was when I visited my friend’s place in Edinburgh Jan 2013

To satisfy craving on a normal day…..

I love making sushi and seeing the joy on other people’s faces is priceless.

First of all, Iet me introduce to you a Japanese cookery book which was given to me by my foodie friend (CF).

This is probably one of my favourite Japanese cookery books. Delicious, mouth watering recipes. A worthwhile investment. It tells you the basics, equipments you need, store cupboard ingredients. It also has step-by-step pictures on how to make inside-out rolls. I would say that the book contains more recipes on how to make Japanese dishes, rather than sushi. Probably 15% of the book is on the types of sushi you can make, which is quite informative and good enough for me. 

Another issue that troubles me everytime I relocate for work purposes is looking for the right fishmonger. I am extremely particular when it comes to buying fish. Any hint that the fish has been defrosted and has lost its texture is immediately ‘disqualified’. Since I came to Glasgow, I tried the salmon from Maccallums and was greatly disappointed. I then found the scottish fishmonger who does free deliveries and quality of the fish was pretty good so I sticked with them for a couple of months. But in the last week or so, I tried wholefoods market’s salmon which is the most amazing salmon I have ever eaten. Fresh, firm and deliciously ‘fishy’. Wholefoods market will be my new salmon supplier from now on!

The key to making good sushi lies in the freshness of the ingredients you used. To ensure freshness, buy the fish on the same day. The fish I tend to go for are salmon, tuna and sea bass.

Also ensure that you have a very good sharp knife or you will be cursing your way through while cutting the fish.

Anyway, I realised that I do not actually have photos of me making sushi step-by-step. So the next time I make sushi, I will make sure I have a photographer who is kind and patient enough to take photos of the whole process so I can share with my readers.
Till the next entry on how to make sushi rolls…Stay tuned!


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