Number 16 Restaurant review

8 months ago, I moved to Glasgow from Leeds.

Initially, I was a bit afraid to venture out as I didn’t know where’s the best place to eat in Glasgow. I read a lot of reviews on trip advisor yet was apprehensive on the thought of trying out restaurants. I spent the first 5 months in Glasgow cooking in my wee humble kitchen before I thought it is time to visit some restaurants – Number 16 was one of the first few restaurants I tried.

First impression was very good.

I love michelin star restaurants. But I cannot afford to eat in Michelin star restaurants too frequently.

Number 16 is definitely good enough to satisfy a fine dining craving. The food served was pretty good to the extent I visited Number 16 3 times altogether in a week. The good thing about Number 16 is that they accommodated me even though I told them that I was coming alone. I am saying this because I know of michelin star restaurants who shun me away just because I was going solo.

Ranked top 7 on trip advisor with many good reviews. Definitely got to try.

Warm bread. The dipping oil that accompanied the bread was good.

Starter: Pan fried fillet of rainbow trout with lemon, crab and potato creme fraiche and sauce vierge.

Rainbow fillet was not overcooked and was just nice. Skin was crispy. Not too sure about the crab, couldn’t really taste it.

Main course: Slow braised ox cheek, roast garlic and parsley mash, root vegetables, parsnip puree and wild mushrooms.

Lovely dish. The braised ox cheek was so tender and MOIST (as some places that i know braised meat till the meat taste dry) that the meat melted in the mouth. Vegetables was not overcooked and just nice. Everything was well seasoned and blended well together.

Dessert: Lemon and coconut tart. Passion fruit sorbet.

Nicely balanced dish as well. I was initially a bit worried that the dish may turn out sour if not done properly. But everything tasted just perfect. Tart crust had a crunch to it and not soggy wet. Would love to have it again. They also gave quite a generous portion of passion fruit sorbet.

Hot chocolate was ok.

Overall very good experience. Friendly and attentive service staff. Food was fast and well prepared. Starters came out within 10 minutes of ordering and main course followed 5 minutes after I finished my starter. Not michelin star standard but definitely above average in Glasgow.

Will recommend to others and definitely worth coming back again and again.


Number 16 Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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