The Living Room – Restaurant and Bar Glasgow review

I visited Living Room -Restaurant and Bar Glasgow for the first time which was a wonderful dining experience, thanks to an invitation from a friend (A.T.) or else I will probably never know of the existence of this place.

First impression: Posh! How expensive will this place be? I have to say the price is pretty reasonable for the quality of food delivered.

Nice and cosy ambience..Definitely makes you feel welcome.

Drinks. Love them! I had a cranberry mojito which was refreshing! I would pay for this anytime.

My starter: Roast chicken leg. Sweetcorn and jalapeño puree, smoked chilli and lime popcorn.

I love the roast chicken leg. Well seasoned and skin was crispy. Lime popcorn…hmm..didn’t quite taste the lime though…. Anyway, would love to have more!

A.T.’s starter: Beef short rib braised in soy, chinese pear and mirin.

Haha..we had a laugh saying that this dish looks like mee suah…. I was completely taken by surprise as the dish was completely different from my imagination. Ok…maybe I should have read the menu properly as it says braised on the menu.

Main course: rib eye steak, peppercorn sauce.

Totally love my rib eye steak! Asked for medium rare and it was perfect! Satisfied after downing all that meat! Tender, juicy and flavourful. mmmm…. better than the chateaubriand I had at Cail Bruich! But A.T. says that butchershop grill is nicer than this….makes me desperately want to try out the Butchershop now!

A.T.’s main course: seafood bisque

A.T. loved it but a shame that the bisque is quite salty. Otherwise, think he really liked the langoustines. I didn’t try the langoustines as I am not keen to get my hands dirty. Never like to cook seafood with their shells on because I know I will complain of dirty fingers and risk having juices splattering all over me when I try to separate the meat free from the shells! Haha…definitely glad to have my steak!

Piri-piri chips.

The good thing is that the chips were not soggy. Also, I prefer these chips compared to chunky ones.  Only thing is…I can’t really taste the piri-piri. Nando’s piri-piri chips does taste better than this!

Grande of desserts.

Well worth the 8 pounds. Love the bake well tart and the sticky toffee pudding (front two). The rest of the desserts were mediocre. Eton mess was more creamy than meringue. Sadly. I love eton mess and I think there is certainly much more work needed to improve this. I would gladly recommend the first two desserts mentioned.

Overall, I love the presentation of the main courses and my starter. Met my expectations and food was surely worth the money paid. Great ambience to chill out with friends for dinner.

Would come back for more!

The Living room – Restaurant and Bar

150 St Vincent St

City Centre, Glasgow

0141 229 0607

The Living Room on Urbanspoon
The Living Room on Urbanspoon


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