Trip advisor vs Urbanspoon

I started using Trip Advisor at the end of february 2013 with a hype. I was so excited that I was writing on average 6-8 restaurant reviews + photos in a day. I thought that was it. Never did I know that they would notify me occasionally with emails that would make my day. Within 3 weeks of starting the reviews, trip advisor informed me that I was the top 19% most read reviews on Trip advisor. I didn’t know people were so interested in my views and that motivated me a bit more to write more reviews. Another highlight I received today from Trip advisor that totally made my day was – I have got 3275 readers since I started at the end of feb, i.e. nearly 2 months now. Not bad at all….although my excitement on Trip Advisor has kind of died down since I started my blog.

And now the next hype is Urbanspoon. This started after my friend suggested me to start linking my restaurant reviews on my blog to the website. I can feel the extreme kiasu-ness in me wanting to be one of the top Glasgow food blogger list. Not sure if being kiasu is a good thing or bad thing….we will see…Sometimes I wish I stop being so kiasu in everything…always thinking of wanting to be the best in whatever I do, which I think resulted in me becoming quite a perfectionist.

Now my aim is to write all my 25+ michelin star restaurant reviews for Urbanspoon!

Anyway, time to start exploring how urbanspoon works and top the list!


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