Transeurope cafe review (Glasgow)

Trans-europe cafe is a nice little cosy place for breakfast. It serves gourmet sandwiches and excellent sunday brunches.

We decided to try trans-europe cafe after a recommendation from a friend. 

As it is an open kitchen, yes your clothes will smell.

Prices are reasonable. Not too expensive.

Had my all-time favourite drink – hot chocolate and this was pretty good.

My friend had a latte…which looked very presentable. Haha…cannot comment about the taste as I didn’t taste it.

Love the egg benedict. Eggs were perfectly cooked and well presented. First impression was how is it that the hollandaise sauce looks so watery. I thought this was not going to turn out so well as the hollandaise sauce looked different from the normal hollandaise sauce I know. But it worked. Sauce has a slight mustard taste to it so gave a bit of a kick to the tastebuds.

My friend had a sandwich but I think I prefer my egg benedict more than anything else!

Overall, a wonderful experience. Nice environment to meet up with friends. I think the group of 6 of us were really lucky though to secure a place as it is quite a small restaurant with limited seats! Would come back someday for the hot chocolate and the eggs again.

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