Cail Bruich West restaurant review

On a Saturday when cell was suddenly cancelled due to snow, I called up my friends in Edinburgh in the late afternoon asking them if they were keen to come to Glasgow for dinner. They agreed.

Problem is: how do I get a booking at a nice decent restaurant at this very last minute? 

After being rejected by Two Fat Ladies, Butchershop Bar and Grill, I surprisingly managed to find Cail Bruich West which was ranked 76 on Trip Advisor.

Didn’t quite know what to expect but was surprised that they offered a tasting menu for only 49 pounds! By far the cheapest tasting menu I have ever eaten!

Started off with some warm poppy bread and canapĂ©s. 

Simple canapes. 

Amuse Bouche: I love soup and am delighted to have it warm! Reminded me of the cold horrible soup I had at Galvin at Windows London. Crispy croutons to accompany the warm soup.

Crab dish. Wonderful complementing flavours. Although could not really taste much of the crab, was pretty impressed with the attention to detail in the presentation.

Tartare of beef fillet. I would have preferred a raw egg yolk on my tartare, but this was good as well.

Spelt risotto. This was probably a bit too salty although was flavourful. Struggled to finish as I can feel my tongue shrivelling up from all the salt! Made a comment and the owner said he was going to look into it so hopefully there won’t be a next time!

Cod, green apple, chorizo. The chorizo flavours were a bit strong, to the extent I cannot really quite taste the cod. Perhaps the chorizo could be made redundant?

The best dish of the night! Lamb. Was perfect pink. Anyone would charge 15 pounds for a dish like this yet you have this in a tasting menu which only cost 49 pounds.

Pineapple tartin. I have to say I am not a fan of tartin and raisins in a dessert puts me off as I don’t like raisins. So this dessert didn’t really strike a chord with me.

Lovely little truffles to accompany my camomile tea below! I normally request hot chocolate at the end of every meal but I have now changed to a lower calorie drink! Cannot afford more calories after partaking all 7 dishes!

I really love Cail Bruich and generally do prefer it more than Number 16. 

Cail Bruich West on Urbanspoon


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