Morblas Seafood and Grill Restaurant Glasgow review

I am honoured to be invited to attend the new menu launch at Morblas Seafood & Grill at Hilton Glasgow. Thanks to A.T. for introducing me to this restaurant. 

I felt this was a challenge to my photography skills because of the dim lighting and the waiter’s hands were trembling. But I have tried my best and I hope my readers love my photos. 

Very lovely warm ambience. Spacious, not claustrophobic. 

Looking through the menu, prices are reasonable. I would go for the 10oz sirloin next time. Yummmms!

Highland mushrooms. Parmesan, toasted sourdough and rocket. Love the well seasoned mushrooms on the toasted sourdough. Rocket was fresh and balsamic vinegar was lovely sweet. A simple dish yet executed wonderfully. Would order this dish anytime on the menu. 

Berry boost for the non-alcoholic. Was so good that I had unlimited refills. 

Loch Fyne oysters with red wine shallot vinegar. Lovely combination. 

Ham Hock Terrine. Piccalilli, toasted sourdough. 

Found this a bit too mustard-ish, cutting through the taste buds. Not one of my favourites. Would choose the mushroom bruschetta over this starter. 

I thought this butchers handmade burger was excellent! You can taste that it is homemade and everything was just so fresh. Love this.

This was one of my favourite. 

Slow roasted ayrshire pork belly. Braeburn apple mash and wilted kale. 

Pork belly was so tasty and succulent. Very very delicious. Would chose this as my main course anytime. 

Smoked haddock. Poached free range egg, wilted spinach and hollandaise. 

I love egg benedict very much. so I think anything with a perfectly cooked poached egg definitely wins me over! As good as one I will get in a AA rosette restaurant. 

Steak was wonderfully seasoned and juicy. Not dry at all. Love this very much. 

Tagine of Scottish winter vegetables. Chick peas and Israeli Couscous.

Love couscous and thought the vegetables went well together. 

Spring pea and wild garlic risotto. Crisp parmesan basket. 

Risotto was well seasoned, well flavoured and al dente. Very presentable parmesan basket but I would have eaten the risotto alone without the basket as it was a bit of an ‘overdose’ on parmesan. 

Lemon tart. Love how they caramelised the top like how creme brûlées are done. 

Rhubarb and vanilla crumble.

Hmm…I felt that there was too little crumble in my bowl and felt like I was eating a lot of rhubarb instead. Would go for the lemon tart more than this. 

Sticky toffee pudding!

Lovely lovely dessert. I think my friend would love this sticky toffee pudding as he is a huge fan!

The chef came out and gave us a quick talk at the end of the tasting session. 

Overall, I am quite impressed with the food served. Very incredibly fresh and local produce were used. On top of that, the dishes were very presentable. Prices are reasonable for any good food you can get in Glasgow. 

Being a crazy huge steak fan, I would surely come back for steak!

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