Ngoh Hiang recipe

Got home today and had an intense craving to eat Ngoh Hiang.

I will do anything to recreate food and they normally will work out pretty well with an intense craving.

Peel the prawns and cut them into small pieces. Approximately 300g prawns. I think I have more than 300g here.

In another bowl, add 500g of minced pork (fatty preferably). Add in 1-2 tsp of five spice powder. 1tsp ground white pepper. 3 tbsp of light soy sauce. 1tsp of fish sauce. a few pinches of fine sea salt.

Mix everything together. Add the prawns into the pork and mix well. Add in 1 small egg (beaten lightly) and mix.

Finally I can use my pestle and mortar again! Pound 10-12 water chestnuts in the mortar. Then add them into the bowl of pork+prawns mixture.

Chop one small yellow onion into fine pieces and chop spring onions into fine pieces as well.

Add them all into the bowl and mix well.

Add in 3 tbsp of self-raising flour and mix.

The bean curd skin which I bought was not as good as the one in Leeds. This was extremely fragile!

Soak the dry bean curd skin in water and arrange the prepared pork mix on the skin. Roll the skin starting with the edges closest to you. Then roll until the pork mix is enclosed in the skin. It definitely reminds me of making sushi as it is almost identical, just that for sushi, I don’t have to tuck the sides in. shows you how to roll them.

Some people steam the ngoh hiang for 8-10 minutes prior to frying them.

I just went straight for the fryer. Turned out pretty good too. Some fry until it turns dark brown but I prefer mine to look this way, less carcinogenic looking LOL! As long as the skin is crispy, it doesn’t matter. I also didn’t want the pork contents to dry out from overfrying.

Some of my ngoh hiang for photoshoot. Didn’t wait too long before they were all wiped off into my tummy.

Then, I started to crack my head thinking on what to do with the remaining ingredients.

Yes! Wonton for the students! They were incredibly happy to eat this.

What made my day was: I made a mee suah soup as well with foochow wine and add the wonton in. The students drank the soup and said ‘nostalgic. Reminds me of mee suah soup in Malaysia’ and all agreed in unison! I didn’t tell them it was mee suah soup, so I am so happy that they were able to recognise the taste and the fact that it made them nostalgic means everything to me! Haha…for those who don’t know, mee suah is the noodle which I am planning to bring onto the TV show. So that is why this totally made my day.


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