Banana Leaf Glasgow review

My friend from Edinburgh decided to pay me a little visit since he was here for his ARCP in Glasgow. 

Decided to have lunch at Banana Leaf Glasgow. Not my first time here but it is the first time I am actually taking pictures of the food I eat in banana leaf. The food here is pretty good to satisfy a Malaysian who have missed Malaysian food for some time. I do prefer Banana leaf over any Malaysian restaurant in London. 

This starter we had was called stuffed tofu. Hmmmm…not very nice to be honest. Tofu tasted a bit strange. Funny smell…not quite accustomed to the smell…Peanut sauce was delicious as usual.

Had my usual chicken satay. Yummmms! Delicious as always. Love it with the peanut sauce. 

Then ordered my usual wat tan ho. Somehow, the kueh tiao today wasn’t fried long enough before the addition of the sauce. Still tasted good although would have preferred the wat tan ho to be a bit more ‘chao da’…

Ok. my friend ordered some mix tea coffee drink. Somehow, the tea coffee ratio just wasn’t right and tasted strange……coffee was pretty strong. Can’t taste the tea…

I will still stick to having the homemade soya bean milk.

Now to come home to prepare myself for the start of night shifts….

Roasted a chicken to pack for my dinner for 3 nights. There is no way I can find time or even energy to cook after returning from a night shift so the best way I have adopted is cooking on the first night and pack them all away for a few nights. Wanted to fry my chicken initially but then changed my mind as I could not be bothered standing by the stove and eyeing my frying pan all the time. Nothing easier than roasting a chicken and letting the oven do the work. 

I will need to start my eportfolio work very soon, so blog may go into a sleep mode for a brief few days. But I am sure I will fall into temptation and blog in between doing my work to relax!

As long as I can keep up the momentum to do one reflection within 20 minutes on my dedicated eportfolio day, my eportfolio will be done in no time and this blog will be back on track soon!  

Banana Leaf-Malaysia Chinese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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