Mee suah recipe (aka long life noodle)

Apologies to my readers for the weekend hiatus.

Over the weekend, I had been occupied with a friend who was visiting from Cornwall and his good friends in Glasgow who are also my close friends.

So, had a bit of a cooking spree as you can see.

Made chicken rice on a friday. Was very yummy and definitely fulfilled a chicken rice craving for the meantime.

Kind of love how everything is not quite colour-coordinated here. Feels very chinese.

Then on a sunday, my close friends asked me to cook mee suah (aka long life noodles) as they said they could kindly take a video of me cooking it. Extremely last minute decision with no preparation of what I was going to say! So excuse me for the awkwardness and the repetition of ‘so…so’ in the video…haha..blame my friends who were giggling so hard behind the video and I tried so hard to maintain my composure of not ‘strangling’ them. hehehe…

Some of you must be wondering why on earth would I make a video. A month back, I randomly signed myself up to a online yahoo project organised by London TV productions. They requested me to do a short video clip on the dish I was going to make prior to filming. Hence, after a month’s delay due to my busy schedule etc, I have finally uploaded the video for them on youtube.

So below is the dish I am going to present (if I am not too late with my video submission). Our traditional foochow long life noodles. Very fine thin white noodles submerged in a rich delicious chicken soup cooked with foochow red wine. Simple yet extremely delicious. Apologies on the substandard food presentation as I was so hungry that I could not be bothered with presentation.

You can roughly view my recipe on the video. Not too complicated. Just need to find the correct ingredients. Thanks to my friends who have the authentic foochow red wine imported from sarawak!

Recipe for mee suah:

One good size Corn fed chicken

One glass of good foochow red wine, doesn’t really matter how much you pour into the wok/stock pot

Ginger (smashed with pestle and mortar)

Chinese mushrooms

Goji berries

Red dates

1 litre of water


Fry the ginger over high heat.

Once aromatic, fry the chicken for 2 minutes or so.

Pour foochow red wine into the wok/stock pot to burn off the alcohol.

Pour water into the wok/stock pot. Drop some chinese mushrooms, goji berries and red dates into the soup which will give the soup a sweet flavour.

Cover and cook for 40 minutes.

Cook the mee suah in a separate pot of boiling water. Once cooked, remove the cooked mee suah into a clean bowl.

Pour the chicken soup over the mee suah.

Serve with boil egg and ingredients in the soup.

simple, yet amazingly delicious and forever a foochow craving!


2 thoughts on “Mee suah recipe (aka long life noodle)

  1. Steph, when you pour in the red wine with one hand, you need to stir the chicken with the other hand at the same time and then cover up for half a minute or more. This is to further capture the aroma of the red wine.
    Remember, you must never add red wine into soup or you will get the “flat” taste. However, if anyone likes more wine, you can always add in more into the individual bowl.

  2. After watching your video, I just realised that your wok is not as hot as I thought. So, your instruction above is ok. So, after adding in the wine, cover it up and let it boil for a little while, perhaps boil for 2 minutes.

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