Chocolate indulgence cake recipe

When I think of chocolate indulgence, it reminds me of my ex-cell leader in Leeds.

Back in Leeds in 2009, it was my cell leader’s birthday. Trying to be a useful cell assistant leader in making my cell leader happy on his joyous day, I asked him what cake does he love the most and he replied ‘chocolate indulgence’.

I was like ‘chocolate indulgence?’ I vaguely remember seeing this cake in secret recipe cake shop in Malaysia but never tasted it before. So how was I going to recreate a cake which I have never tasted before?

Back then, I did not have Y3K recipe book. I got my recipe online and according to him, the cake I recreated was pretty close. He had to be the cake ‘moderator’ as I have no idea how a chocolate indulgence taste like where as he has had many servings of it while in Malaysia. I was determined to get a better recipe and thanks to Y3K recipe book, I think the chocolate indulgence is almost similar to the chocolate indulgence you can get at secret recipe cake shop.

This cake recipe looks simple, not requiring a variety of ingredients, but can be quite challenging in creating the perfect sponge. I have had 5 attempts at it so far in my life, and only 3 have been successful. Difficult to make, but definitely worth the effort if it turns out successful.

The only ingredient which you will struggle to find is the chocolate emulco which I import mine from Malaysia. Otherwise, you can try to substitute that with cocoa powder and paste but the results will be quite different. Chocolate emulco brings out a more chocolatey taste to the cake which I love.

The pics below are my successful attempts in 2009 and 2012.

Chocolate indulgence Y3K my secret recipe series:


Sponge cake:

5 eggs (grade A)

170g caster sugar

1 1/2 tbsp chocolate emulco

sieve together 50g plain flour, 50g cornflour, 50g SRF, 20g cocoa powder

25ml corn oil


2 tbsp instant coffee powder (mixed with 15 tbsp milk)


750ml Whipping cream

165g dark chocolate (melted)

165g white chocolate (melted)

Chocolate topping:

150ml whipping cream

350g dark choc (chopped)

1 tsp butter (melted)


150g rich whipping cream (whipped)

some snow powder

9 inch loose base tin

9 inch round tin


Line and grease 9 inch cake tin.

Preheat oven 180 celcius.

In a mixer, whisk eggs and sugar at high speed until thick and creamy.

Add in emulco.

Using a metal spatula, fold in sieved ingredients.

Lastly, fold in oil.

Pour into prepared tin and bake for 40 minutes.

Split cake into 4 layers.

Brush with syrup on surface.


Whisk cream until slightly thickened. Take out 250g.

Place into a bowl.

Quickly stir cooled melted dark choc into the cream and white choc into the 500g cream.

Divide white mousse into 2 portions.

Topping: heat cream over simmering water.

Add in chocolate and stir until smooth.

add in butter.

To assemble cake: place a layer of cake in a 9 inch loose base tin. Spread a portion of white choc mousse, top with a layer of cake, spread with dark choc mousse, top with cake.

Chill overnight.

Spread the whole cake with a thin layer of whipped cream.

Refridgerate cake until set.

Place cake on a wire rack, pour over choc topping and decorate with snow powder.


38 thoughts on “Chocolate indulgence cake recipe

  1. i did this and it is a hit! 😉 now families and friends are asking me to do this and sell it to them! this is totally a keeper! 😉 just wondering,about the syrup,i didn’t managed to use the whole syrup mixture and end up almost still 3/4 cup not used.did u used all of it? im scared to brush the syrup too much coz afraid the coffee taste will overpower the chocolaty taste of the cake

    • Sorry for the late reply as currently am not in the country! But many many thanks for your positive feedback and compliments Nina! I am glad you managed to bake it well as it isn’t an easy cake! hehe. Am excited for you!
      Hmm to be honest with you, I didn’t use much of the syrup mixture as I am not quite a coffee lover and I prefer it to be more chocolaty. It depends on how much coffee taste you want in your cake but be careful just not to oversoak the cake which is up to your judgement. xD Or you could just stay with the same amount of syrup you used since your cake was a hit! I supposed you can reduce the amount of syrup you have to make the next time you attempt it again.

  2. Hi. I am planning to make this cake during the weekend and i’m just wondering for the topping, do i whip the whipped cream first or just simmer it without whipping it?

  3. hi..greetings to u.. im frm malaysia.. first off all thank u for ur receipe.. at first i wonder how could mousse cakes can be done without gelatine.. i like chocolate indulgence cake but we could not take gelatine..

    surprisingly i found ur receipe without gelatine.. feel happy and tried.. just follow ur steps…believe it or not it… it was turn out very well .. family really enjoyed the whole cake.

    thank u so much.. tc

    • Hi thanks for the feedback! I am from malaysia too. I do not really like cakes with gelatine too so I think this cake works out really well as long as you don’t overwhip the mousse. Thanks again! It’s great to hear how others are doing with the recipe.

    • chocolate emulco is like chocolate paste. I tried replacing it with cocoa mixed with water into a paste before but I dont think the outcome is as good as emulco. Best is still if you can find emulco at your local bakery supplier store

  4. Hai I really love this cake but every time I have problem with the mousse especially chocolate mousse.somehow it become thick and the texture is not smooth at all.I tried it before and its good the colour is lighter and the mousse is so smooth.I dont know what I did wrong.did I beat the whip cream too long this time??how long should i whip it?I hope u can help me 😢

    • Sorry for the late reply, have been busy on a stretch of on call shifts. Make sure you are using a good quality whipping cream (not double or single cream) and you should whip it until soft peak rather than stiff. This is because after you add in the chocolate, the mousse will become thicker and stiffer so don’t whip the cream until it is too stiff.

  5. Can you post the step by step video the next time you bake. Please, I would be happy if you do so because it is very difficult just by knowing the ingredients.

  6. HI Planning to try this – you have mentioned that you use dairy whipping cream but you have also stated in your recipe that for deco use RICH WHIPPING CREAM – is this dairy or non dairy?

  7. Hi,luckily I found this recipe here. thank you for sharing. I am planning to make this cake for my birthday party this weekend. Unfortunately, I only have 8″ loose base tin. Can I just use that one or I still have to get 9″ loose base tin? One more thing, I would like to clarify the preparation steps for the syrup. Add 2tbs of instant coffee powder in cup, then add 15tbs of milk powder. Pour hot water into the cup. Is it the correct way of doing that? Thank you

    • U can use 8 inch if you want to but timing etc may vary so I would suggest sticking to 9 inch to avoid disappointments. I used milk which has been warmed up so that it can dissolve the powder, not milk powder. But if you don’t have milk, you can turn the milk powder into milk by adding hot water and just take 15 tbsp out of it

  8. I will do it for this coming Eid. I ate it when i was in malaysia. I wanted to bake this a long time. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  9. Great recipe, just baked it to cheer myself up after a miserable couple of weeks (sciatica pain in pregnancy is awful and boring!) two pieces cheered me right up. Linked the recipe to my blog hope thats ok.

    • Thanks! Sorry for the really delayed reply as I had been really busy too and this blog is almost good as abandoned which is a shame as I have so many other recipes to share but not got the time at present! Glad the recipe worked for it! Not an easy bake so congrats for the success bake! 🙂

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  11. Hi. I just want to say thank you. I tried using the cake recipe as the base for my banana chocolate mouse sponge cake and it turned out amazing! It was easy rather than having to whip the white eggs separately.

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