Introduction to sushi making: how to make standard sushi rolls (chapter 5)

I have not had my internet set up in my flat yet, but since I am waiting for my car to be serviced at BMW service workshop, might as well use their high speed internet to do some blogging and uploading!

I realised that I have not yet posted my introduction on making standard rolls. So here it goes!

First of all, lay a nori sheet on your sushi mat which has already been cling filmed.

Spread the sushi rice across the nori sheet as shown in the diagram.

Lay chicken in the centre..

Put some japanese mayonnaise, and line the avocados.

Try not to be too greedy in lining up too much ingredients or you risk being unable to close your sushi rolls.

After lining the ingredients, bring the sushi mat forwards as shown..

…just enough to cover the ingredients. put gentle pressure on all sides..

Lift the front of the sushi mat up…

Push the whole roll forwards once with the mat…

Gentle pressure again…

Side view…

Cutting the rolls…

Cut the roll midway…then line the half lengthways roll side by side as shown below///

Aim again for the centre of the half lengthways rolls.

Then aim midway of the length of the rolls again….(this is difficult…maybe I should consider making a video on how to make sushi rolls..)

You can also substitute the chicken for some breaded fried chicken:

A link to one of my entries on how to fry the breaded chicken.

Or you can use raw salmon! yumsss!

Now you are all ready for a sushi picnic!


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