I am a GP trainee, living and working in Glasgow. I have a passion for food, besides medicine.

I started cooking (Upgraded from a dish washer since 11 years old) since 14 years old as my parents are always busy working. Coming to UK with the basics in hand, my passion for food grew exponentially and I am constantly trying to replicate Malaysian dishes due to the shortage of really good malaysian food in the UK. Aside malaysian food, I have an undying passion for Japanese and british food as well. I think my strengths lie in baking and making desserts. When I was a student, I used to sell my cakes to other students just as an extra source of ‘income’ and I guess practice makes perfect! Now as I am working as a doctor, I cook and bake to bless others with the culinary skills I have developed over the years.

I have never been to cookery school. But when I was a student, I worked as a part-time sushi chef for Yo sushi and Nooshi.

To save my effort in trying to verbally explain to my friends on how to cook/make sushi, I have created this blog so that I can share with everyone the joy on how to cook/bake/make sushi etc.

Besides cooking, I enjoy visiting michelin star restaurants. I have visited 23 so far and will try to blog my reviews when I get the time. So far my michelin star restaurant journey has come to an end as I have tried almost most of the michelin restaurants which I have always wanted to visit, but I will still continue to explore non-michelin star restaurants for equally good food and of course…blog about them.

I hope my readers enjoy reading my blog, as much as I enjoy writing them. =)

Any queries, you can email me at belgarion111185@yahoo.co.uk

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