Watermelon juice recipe

Before I share the watermelon juice recipe, I got some photos from my sushi party yesterday night to drool at….I am drooling too! I also linked some of the recipes to the photos just to make life easier for those who want to check out the recipes for the sushi. Thanks to my dear friend who took all these amazing photos!

My creation of a sushi cake! It was my friend’s birthday.

I don’t really have a recipe for this, unless it’s being requested then perhaps I will show how to make it… LOL… This just came to me really randomly when I was making sushi for my friend’s birthday.

Who says cakes need to be of flour, sugar, eggs etc… they can be made of sushi too! heehee..

And definitely yummylicious!

Steps on how to cut salmon nigiri recipe can be seen here:


Steps on how to make inside out rolls can be seen here:


Worked on the dragon roll again! The recipe for the dragon roll can be seen here:


Lastly I ended the sushi party with some of my buttermilk country cake. Was amazing although a simple cake!

Recipe can be seen here:


Lastly we come to the recipe for the watermelon juice:

The above 2 pics are more recently made at my sister’s house in York. Being a very enthusiastic Nami’s follower recently, my inspirations do come from her at times.

But I did have a sheer attempt of making watermelon juice in January 2013… A more presentable watermelon juice compared to the previous photos where I did not even bother with presentation because lighting in my sister’s house is SOOOO SOOO BAD…

Recipe for watermelon juice taken from Nami’s website and she has step by step instructions as usual for those who are keen to check it out:


  • 2 cups chopped watermelon
  • Juice from 1/4 lime
  • 1 Tbsp. simple syrup
  • A slice of lime for garnish (optional)
  • Mint leaves for garnish (optional)

1) Cut the watermelon into chunks removing the rind and seeds. Place the chunks into a bowl and let them cool in refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

2) In blender, combine watermelon, lime juice and simple syrup and puree.

3) Pour into the glass and garnish with a slice of lime and mint leaves (optional). Chill before serving if you like.



You can replace simple syrup with regular sugar if you want to save the time.

If you prefer to remove pulp, strain through a fine sieve. You will also need to double the portions for each ingredient per glass.


bubble tea recipe

I decided to make bubble tea!! 

After a visiting friend asked me if I knew how to make bubble tea, I was determined to succeed in making it ever since. Haha…..

To the extent I even bought my ingredients imported from Taiwan. 

Milky tea powder from Taiwan. 

Surprisingly authentic! Well made in Taiwan. Expected right…

There is no real techniques in making bubble tea. Just pour the powder into a jug, mix with boiling water and keep tasting…stop adding powder when the taste is right…

Now making the tapioca pearls is probably the most messy and ‘challenging’ bit of making bubble tea. 

Ingredients you need:

1) Tapioca flour

2) Boiling water

3) Food colouring

Pour the tapioca flour in a dry bowl. Add boiling water in tiny amounts until you can shape a soft dough.  The flour must not be too dry or everything will fall apart. Also if too sticky (which is the other extreme), then add more flour. 

Roll the dough into balls.

Drop them into boiling water. They will rise once cooked. Once cooked, put them immediately into ice cold water. 

Leave the balls in sugar syrup after to soak up the sweetness. 

Then add the balls into your cup of bubble tea!

I just literally took these balls out of the boiling water….quickly snap before dropping them into the water!

Hahah…too pale to be seen properly…

To add colouring to your balls, you can refer to: 


I prefer no colouring because I feel a bit uneasy since I am drinking this…might as well be less ‘carcinogenic’ since I know it is colouring that makes the pearl black. 

But I will make coloured pearls for those who want presentation! haha…

Anyway, I personally think this bubble tea taste better than savoy centre. I think because I felt savoy centre bubble tea was a bit on the diluted side….at least I can increase the concentration of my bubble tea and make it much more sensational since I am making this myself. My housemate thinks it taste better than savoy centre too! Yesssshhh!!!

After this, I am going to make my own bubble tea! Satisfying…

Made a bit of curry while making my bubble tea for my weekend on call dinner and lunch…although I still have some beef bourguignon left…..

Will be busy for the next 7 days on call! But hopefully will find some time to blog!