Which is your favourite supermarket?

Have I ever told anyone which is my all-time favourite supermarket?

Wholefood market!!

Reason is because it is as good as waitrose where I can find all the queer, weird and wonderful stuff which I need for all my michelin star restaurant book’s recipes. Not only that, everything is so fresh and quality of the produce is guaranteed. It is definitely a place I would shop if I am planning a fine dining menu in my house.

Love how everything is being arranged.


More oranges…

Finest english asparagus. I can feel it calling out to me!

Tried some salad-y thing which was not too bad.

Amazingly fresh shittake mushrooms and all others as well. Now I can make my delicious mushroom soup with the fresh wild mushrooms here. Waitrose only sells dry wild mushrooms.

Everything just look so nice. A lot of effort in arranging the garlic!

Tried some chia shots in yoghurt. Felt pretty healthy after. LOL..

Love how they do this..

You can get almost any nuts/seeds etc you want from here.

Quality coffee beans too!

Looks so yummy…

Even the fish looks soooo fresh!

Prawns, scallops, squid….anything you name, you can find it here.

Some fish roe on pancake bilinis to taste. Love the roe.

T-bone steak! This was the T-bone me and my friend had a couple of weeks back and it was simply delicious! Better than marks and spencers steak!

Some salad you can choose from.

The ‘know-it-all’ person who seem to be able to do anything from wine pairing with cheeses etc…ask him!

This is my favourite section of the shop! It just makes me drool…..especially the macaroons.

Everytime I see macaroons, it reminds me of my super expensive electrical thermometer which I bought just to measure the temperature of the syrup to make macaroons……need to make macaroons one day…..too busy to find time!

My favourite custard tart!

Even the cupcakes can make you drool.

Lastly, have I ever mention how cheap the cakes are here? Half the price of the cakes in Patisserie valerie and taste very delicious as well! Freshly made! Patisserie valerie cakes are normally imported from London and not made in the shop itself. Imagine by the time the cake arrives at whenever you are, it is not fresh and I can literally taste it. I have since stopped buying cakes from patisserie valerie. Well, cakes here are an option if I don’t have time to bake!

Love Wholefood market and always will! I am so glad it is in Glasgow so I won’t struggle getting ingredients for fine dining preparation!