Chorizo and peas couscous recipe

It was my boyfriend’s birthday last month March. We have been together for 6 months now and it had been an incredible and exciting journey for both of us. I am so blessed to have met him and he has filled my life with so much joy, love and excitement. Guess my boyfriend is the reason that kept me busy from blogging!

I wanted to make something amazing for his birthday that he will never forget.

But I was a little bored of eating steak again and again although I know he probably does not mind as it is one of his favourites.

Decided to drive through waitrose that evening and see if any bright ideas spark through for something he has never tried before which is awesomely delicious.

Skirting through the aisles in Waitrose, I had my trolley filled with the boring mixed grill meat when suddenly the idea of couscous came up. Plus the duck breast were on discount. Threw all the mixed grill meat out of my trolley and just focused on getting the couscous ingredients right.

I then announced to him that I was going to make couscous and his first reaction was ‘huh…..isn’t that a bit boring and tasteless.’ I was like…..’you got to be kidding…it is an amazing dish!! Who on earth cooked couscous for you in the past?’ I am entirely confident to change his mind about couscous as the couscous I made in the past did taste very flavourful….and I was right! Since then, he have been asking me to make couscous now and again. The first thing he said to me after he came back to Glasgow after not seeing him for a few weeks as he went back home to sheffield was that he missed my couscous!

Anyway, before I get to the couscous recipe, below are just a few photos of remembrance of what I did for his birthday as well. Decided to throw him a sushi party a few days before his actual birthday and invited a few of his friends along.

Made him one of my favourite pandan layered cream cake.


I never took a photo of how the inside looked like. So here’s a photo:

He once told me that his favourite cake was a black forest cake so decided to make him one as well for him to try.

Surely it was a good celebration……

Anyway, for the couscous recipe, simple yet wholesome:


500g of couscous

600mls of good quality chicken stock

A handful of fresh petits pois or frozen

500g of spanish chorizo

5 cloves of minced garlic


Boil the chicken stock in a stock pot.

When the stock is boiling hot, pour the couscous into the stock, mix evenly and place the lid cover over the pot. Take the stock pot off the heat once the lid is placed over the pot. Wait patiently for 12 minutes without taking the lid off the pot.

Meanwhile, fry the garlic in some cooking oil in a pan. Add in the chorizo and stir fry for approx 4 minutes over high heat. Add the petits pois into the pan and fry everything together until petits pois is cooked. Season with salt and pepper.

Lastly, add the cooked couscous into the pan when the couscous is done. Mix everything evenly. Taste and season accordingly.

You could then add either juices from the roasted/pan fried duck or roasted chicken or grilled/pan fried steak into the couscous. This will add soooo much flavour to the couscous and certainly make the dish almost irresistible.