“..but for you, I will.”

Looking back at a video taken in 2009 by a friend, I was baking a cake together with my housemate for a cell member’s birthday.

I still cannot believe I cut the almonds one by one!!! I think cuz morrisons did not sell almond pieces at the time, and also I was quite a novice in baking at the time, plus I did not have all the baking equipments I have now to help me speed up my baking. Used to hand whisk creams, egg whites etc with a hand whisk (not even an electric hand whisk) and my weighing machine was not even digital.

How on earth did I survived?

Definitely cannot survive without my standing mixer, global knife, digital weighing machine etc now.

I guess it’s the love for people, the passion for baking and seeing the satisfaction on people’s faces that made everything worth it.

Without love and passion, nothing will stand through all that trials and failures.