The culinary trail

Nearly 6 years ago, I met a friend – Chew Fatt. We did not start off as foodies. He was a friend whom I met at some MASSOC event when I was a welfare director.

Then he expressed an interest in cooking and baking.

I can’t remember if I ever taught him very much basics, but he definitely did work very hard in improving his culinary skills.

There were days when he needed help i.e. christmas eve when something went wrong with his turkey and I rushed over to his rescue.

Some days, I would be of use of medical help i.e. slicing his finger by accident and he was unable to stop the bleeding.

Good old days when we organised our own fine dining occasions while we were students.

Some pics taken 4 years ago while we were organising our fine dining events:

Even created our own menu!

His dish – tomato soup

My dish – saddle of lamb with fondant potatoes and greens.

Teamwork is what is needed. He is my undismissable right-hand man.

Meet the enthusiast – chew fatt!

I will never forget his specialty signature dessert – creme brûlée.

He would sometimes just single handedly manage a 3 course fine dining all by himself without needing me or my sisters’ help.

and he does it quite well!

We organised a lot of events together. From Christmas 2010 to….

….christmas 2011 to…..

christmas 2012….

Always so serious and intense when it comes to cooking. Look at that expression… LOL!

Besides cooking, we explored good food together. Countless michelin star restaurant visits…Criticising to our heart contents..

Marcus wareing at the Berkeley – 2 michelin star restaurant in London.

We do fun things together…..including snowball fights…

Ambushing me…. tsk tsk

Well at least we didn’t use the snow to make ice kacang… hahaha….

Now that he has returned to Malaysia for good 2 months ago…our foodie journey has come to an end. However all that 6 years we spent together exploring the culinary world has definitely left behind a lot of unforgettable memories…

Guess I will need to find a new foodie friend again unless you come back! We have not tried the Fat Duck yet.

Sayonara and all the best in your future undertakings! Foodies forever!