Cranachan with raspberries recipe by Jason Atherton

I have been dreaming of getting the ‘MAZE the cookbook’ by Jason Atherton for a long while ever since I visited his 1 michelin star restaurant ‘Pollen street social’ at London Mayfair. For those who don’t know, Jason Atherton was the first British chef to complete a stage at Spain’s famous elBulli restaurant in 1998. He was also the former chef for Gordon Ramsay Holdings and have worked for Pierre Koffmann, Nico Ladenis and Marco Pierre White.

Pollen street social was simply an amazing gastronomic experience which I would simply love to blog about when I get the time. After dining there, I went straight for his books ‘maze’ and ‘gourmet food for a fiver’. I have tried a couple of recipes from the books and results were simply amazing.

I love the cranachan recipe, as well as another recipe of his on a chocolate cake with macerated raspberries. The chocolate cake yield astounding results as it was a cake that tasted in between a brownie and a cake. There was a bite to the surrounding crust of the cake which was just soooo heavenly. I would share this recipe perhaps tomorrow. But for now, let’s concentrate on his cranachan which is extremely simple yet delicious. Mind the calories of course….

Ps: Really need to make a detour to visit his restaurant in Mayfair. It’s a really really amazing experience especially the dessert bar! I would really go back again if I step into London another time….I am trying hard to avoid at the moment as I realised on counting that I have visited almost 19 michelin star restaurants in between sept 2012 to Jan 2013! Shocking….I didn’t realised I have eaten in that many michelin star restaurants in such a short period. Those 19 restaurants I visited does not even include those michelin star restaurants I ate prior to Sept 2012!

Cranachan with raspberries recipe by Jason Atherton from ‘MAZE the cookbook’.

70g oatmeal

170g raspberries

1-2 tbsp icing sugar, to taste

700ml double cream

4 tbsp runny honey

2-3 tbsp malt whisky, to taste

Lightly toast the oatmeal in a dry frying pan over a medium heat until lightly golden, tossing frequently. (Do not leave the pan unattended as the oatmeal is liable to burn easily). Tip onto a plate and leave to cool completely.

Put 100g of the raspberries and the icing sugar into a blender or food processor and whiz to a smooth puree. In a large bowl, whip the cream to soft peaks, then fold in the honey and whisky. Set aside 1-2 tbsp of the oatmeal for serving and fold the rest into the cream mixture.  Spoon 1 tbsp of the raspberry puree into the base of each serving glass. Add the rest into the cream mixture and give it two or three folds to create a rippled effect.

Fill the serving glasses with the oatmeal and cream mixture. Top with the remaining raspberries and sprinkle over the reserved oatmeal. Serve at once.