Pollen street social at Mayfair London review

Since I am all hyped up regarding pollen street social at London Mayfair, might as well blog about it! As from my previous blog post, Jason Atherton was the first British chef to complete a stage at Spain’s famous elBulli restaurant in 1998. He was also the former chef for Gordon Ramsay Holdings and have worked for Pierre Koffmann, Nico Ladenis and Marco Pierre White.

A trip down to London calls for a visit to Pollen street social. I always go solo to michelin star restaurants as I always tend to go for tasting menu which others are not keen to go on board with me. So solo is always better unless the other party is willing to sacrifice. 

However, as far as I remember, there was no tasting menu available then at Pollen, or maybe I missed it? I ended up with a 3 course, but heck it was amazing!

Jason Atherton at work!

Lovely interior.


Starter: Slow cooked egg, full english breakfast.

Chose this as I was too intrigued at how a full english breakfast was served in a michelin star restaurant. 

I have to say I quite enjoy the crisp bacon together with the slow cooked runny yummylicious egg….A very very exciting creative way of presenting an english breakfast in a fine dining style. 

My steak is totally to die for. Lovely thick cut of meat. I thought initially that was it on the plate (was a good portion), and then they brought me the wooden board with more steak!!!! Perfectly done to medium rare. Carrots were sweet and I was totally inspired to cook steak after devouring this! 

Ok. this is just a pic to show my inspiration after dining at pollen street. Cooked this almost immediately at Edinburgh for my friends the moment I got back from London! Just to show how totally INSPIRED I was by Pollen’s steak. Trying to imitate Pollen’s presentation of their steak with an ultimate fail. haha…Lots to work on. 

Ok back to their pre-dessert. This was probably my inspiration in making the cranachan as it was quite similar. This was somehow really good as the raspberry puree went really well with the double cream + touch of cream cheese. The ratio of the cheese to double cream was perfect. Inspirational!

I totally love the dessert bar concept. Being able to appreciate the pastry chefs hard at work.

Nobody would be as silly as me to order sorbets. It was completely refreshing and delicious, just that I could have got the pastry chefs to work a bit harder for my dessert haha

Pastry chefs hard at work. 

The most amazing thing about being seated at the dessert bar is watching the kitchen at work. So I managed to catch a glimpse of Jason Atherton when I was sat at the dessert bar. Maybe not quite a glimpse as I was watching him work for 20 minutes and he then asked the waitress to see to my drinks. 

Orange flavoured financiers. SOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!

One of my friends will always say that a trip to a michelin star restaurant is incomplete without a visit to their astonishingly beautifully decorated toilets. 

An amazing, incredible lunch at Pollen street social leaving me wanting to try their tasting menu now. 8 courses for 79 pounds. 

Ok. some berry smoothie at Paul after before I head off for my second one michelin star restaurant (Murano) of the day for dinner!