Tullie Inn, Balloch

A visit to Tullie Inn in Balloch. A 40 minutes drive from central Glasgow.

Newly refurbished with a cosy interior. 

I will let the pictures do the talking.

Some bread to start off with. 

One thing I really love is the drinks. 

From left to right: Pimms lemonade, coke, procesco. 

Pimms was very refreshing, not incredibly alcoholic so really liked it. Procesco was very nice too!


Vege platter. Was good. Love the mozzarella with sun dried tomatoes..

Love the deep fried chicken fillet and the potato skins..

Italian platter.

Had a pretty satisfying meal and enjoyed the companion of others. Really love the cosy and relaxing atmosphere as well. Hospitality was top notch. Waiters and waitresses were very friendly, attentive and accommodating. 

Would definitely love to sit outdoors to soak in the sun on a relaxing afternoon. 


Banana Leaf Glasgow review

My friend from Edinburgh decided to pay me a little visit since he was here for his ARCP in Glasgow. 

Decided to have lunch at Banana Leaf Glasgow. Not my first time here but it is the first time I am actually taking pictures of the food I eat in banana leaf. The food here is pretty good to satisfy a Malaysian who have missed Malaysian food for some time. I do prefer Banana leaf over any Malaysian restaurant in London. 

This starter we had was called stuffed tofu. Hmmmm…not very nice to be honest. Tofu tasted a bit strange. Funny smell…not quite accustomed to the smell…Peanut sauce was delicious as usual.

Had my usual chicken satay. Yummmms! Delicious as always. Love it with the peanut sauce. 

Then ordered my usual wat tan ho. Somehow, the kueh tiao today wasn’t fried long enough before the addition of the sauce. Still tasted good although would have preferred the wat tan ho to be a bit more ‘chao da’…

Ok. my friend ordered some mix tea coffee drink. Somehow, the tea coffee ratio just wasn’t right and tasted strange……coffee was pretty strong. Can’t taste the tea…

I will still stick to having the homemade soya bean milk.

Now to come home to prepare myself for the start of night shifts….

Roasted a chicken to pack for my dinner for 3 nights. There is no way I can find time or even energy to cook after returning from a night shift so the best way I have adopted is cooking on the first night and pack them all away for a few nights. Wanted to fry my chicken initially but then changed my mind as I could not be bothered standing by the stove and eyeing my frying pan all the time. Nothing easier than roasting a chicken and letting the oven do the work. 

I will need to start my eportfolio work very soon, so blog may go into a sleep mode for a brief few days. But I am sure I will fall into temptation and blog in between doing my work to relax!

As long as I can keep up the momentum to do one reflection within 20 minutes on my dedicated eportfolio day, my eportfolio will be done in no time and this blog will be back on track soon!  

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Morblas Seafood and Grill Restaurant Glasgow review

I am honoured to be invited to attend the new menu launch at Morblas Seafood & Grill at Hilton Glasgow. Thanks to A.T. for introducing me to this restaurant. 

I felt this was a challenge to my photography skills because of the dim lighting and the waiter’s hands were trembling. But I have tried my best and I hope my readers love my photos. 

Very lovely warm ambience. Spacious, not claustrophobic. 

Looking through the menu, prices are reasonable. I would go for the 10oz sirloin next time. Yummmms!

Highland mushrooms. Parmesan, toasted sourdough and rocket. Love the well seasoned mushrooms on the toasted sourdough. Rocket was fresh and balsamic vinegar was lovely sweet. A simple dish yet executed wonderfully. Would order this dish anytime on the menu. 

Berry boost for the non-alcoholic. Was so good that I had unlimited refills. 

Loch Fyne oysters with red wine shallot vinegar. Lovely combination. 

Ham Hock Terrine. Piccalilli, toasted sourdough. 

Found this a bit too mustard-ish, cutting through the taste buds. Not one of my favourites. Would choose the mushroom bruschetta over this starter. 

I thought this butchers handmade burger was excellent! You can taste that it is homemade and everything was just so fresh. Love this.

This was one of my favourite. 

Slow roasted ayrshire pork belly. Braeburn apple mash and wilted kale. 

Pork belly was so tasty and succulent. Very very delicious. Would chose this as my main course anytime. 

Smoked haddock. Poached free range egg, wilted spinach and hollandaise. 

I love egg benedict very much. so I think anything with a perfectly cooked poached egg definitely wins me over! As good as one I will get in a AA rosette restaurant. 

Steak was wonderfully seasoned and juicy. Not dry at all. Love this very much. 

Tagine of Scottish winter vegetables. Chick peas and Israeli Couscous.

Love couscous and thought the vegetables went well together. 

Spring pea and wild garlic risotto. Crisp parmesan basket. 

Risotto was well seasoned, well flavoured and al dente. Very presentable parmesan basket but I would have eaten the risotto alone without the basket as it was a bit of an ‘overdose’ on parmesan. 

Lemon tart. Love how they caramelised the top like how creme brûlées are done. 

Rhubarb and vanilla crumble.

Hmm…I felt that there was too little crumble in my bowl and felt like I was eating a lot of rhubarb instead. Would go for the lemon tart more than this. 

Sticky toffee pudding!

Lovely lovely dessert. I think my friend would love this sticky toffee pudding as he is a huge fan!

The chef came out and gave us a quick talk at the end of the tasting session. 

Overall, I am quite impressed with the food served. Very incredibly fresh and local produce were used. On top of that, the dishes were very presentable. Prices are reasonable for any good food you can get in Glasgow. 

Being a crazy huge steak fan, I would surely come back for steak!

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Galvin at Windows review

On one of my foodie marathon visits down to London, I decided to visit Galvin at Windows which is a one michelin star restaurant in London. Truth be told, reason for eating at Galvin at Windows was because of its location, i.e. it is situated on the 28th floor of the London Hilton on Park Lane in Mayfair and overlooking the city, Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace.

But as you can tell from my pic, I am not quite seated near the window to catch any of that spectacular views.


Galvin at Windows is renowned for the signature cocktails. But to be fair, I wasn’t that impressed by the cocktails.


Anyway, my red fruity ish cocktail, aka woman in love – thick and very fruity. Blackberry and raspberry puree is mixed with Pimm’s and archers liquor. I am not quite an alcoholic so I don’t know why I decided to go for an alcoholic cocktail, as I couldn’t appreciate what I was drinking.

Menus were based around modern French haute cuisine and is created by Chef Patron Chris Galvin, Head Chef André Garrett.

Looks absolutely delicious! But the moment the spoon hit my mouth, it was cold. Tasted like carrot puree and bacon. Lack of attention to detail. Disappointing.

After eating Martin Wishart’s sea bream ceviche, no other ceviche can impress me.

Scallops ceviche, kohlrabi, cucumber, blood orange and soy.

Didn’t quite like my scallops ceviche. I found it quite bitter and it ruined my palate for the rest of the meal. Regrets.

Ballotine of chicken, foie gras, celeriac and truffle mayonaise.

This was good. But I think after having 2 pretty cold starters, I wasn’t quite expecting another cold dish. Truffle mayonnaise went well with the ballotine of chicken and brioche. Glad we had the brioche as that is probably the only bread I love.

Poached fillet of cornish brill, herb potato crust, enoki, shellfish and dashi broth.

Love the enoki shellfish dash broth.

Food – in comparison to the plate.

saddle of scottish venison, smoked alsace bacon, braised shoulder beignet, red cabbage, watercress and sauce grand veneer.

Although my friend said that this was probably his best ever venison dish, this tasted pretty bloody to me.

In between dishes, we had too much time that we entertained ourselves with portrait shots. I guess that was the only enjoyable moment in the restaurant for me. Not the food, but the company of my good friend in London.

We had too much time that we played with our phones.

To be honest, it took a bit long to serve our desserts. Became a bit impatient.

cinnamon pannacotta, mulled wine foam and orange doughnut.

hmmm….I didn’t quite like the mulled wine foam to be honest…..a bit too bitter but went ok with the pannacotta. not my favourite.. Love the orange doughnut though.

You can tell alcohol in my desserts is a taboo.


white chocolate mousse, blueberry compote and green tea ice cream.

Probably my favourite dish of the whole meal. I like the green tea ice cream very much as it was very light and refreshing! One of the best sorbet I ever had. Was inspired to make sorbets after this. Now to find a fridge that fits my ice-cream maker, or perhaps upgrade my ice-cream maker to one that can go without freezing the ice-cream container. 

Best part of the meal was writing postcards and we could send the postcard out of the country as well which was amazing.

95 pounds for a tasting menu. Worth it? That’s is not including the 12.5% service charge. One cocktail was 15 pounds. Overpriced for what I was served. Wasn’t impressed at all. However, my dining companion said otherwise. He enjoyed every single moment of it. I supposed taste is pretty subjective. If you have tried too many michelin star restaurants, everything just becomes mediocre.

Service was good though. Professional and accommodating.

Service: *****

Food: ***

Atmosphere: ****

Price: ****

Perhaps I just had a bad dining experience by picking all the wrong dishes. Felt that some of my dishes lacked attention to detail. Looking at other people’s reviews, they seem to have enjoyed their meals and their dishes surely did looked much more presentable and delicious than what I had!

A nice one off experience eating in a michelin star restaurant situated on the 28th floor, but probably wouldn’t come back again in a very very long time!

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Cail Bruich West restaurant review

On a Saturday when cell was suddenly cancelled due to snow, I called up my friends in Edinburgh in the late afternoon asking them if they were keen to come to Glasgow for dinner. They agreed.

Problem is: how do I get a booking at a nice decent restaurant at this very last minute? 

After being rejected by Two Fat Ladies, Butchershop Bar and Grill, I surprisingly managed to find Cail Bruich West which was ranked 76 on Trip Advisor.

Didn’t quite know what to expect but was surprised that they offered a tasting menu for only 49 pounds! By far the cheapest tasting menu I have ever eaten!

Started off with some warm poppy bread and canapés. 

Simple canapes. 

Amuse Bouche: I love soup and am delighted to have it warm! Reminded me of the cold horrible soup I had at Galvin at Windows London. Crispy croutons to accompany the warm soup.

Crab dish. Wonderful complementing flavours. Although could not really taste much of the crab, was pretty impressed with the attention to detail in the presentation.

Tartare of beef fillet. I would have preferred a raw egg yolk on my tartare, but this was good as well.

Spelt risotto. This was probably a bit too salty although was flavourful. Struggled to finish as I can feel my tongue shrivelling up from all the salt! Made a comment and the owner said he was going to look into it so hopefully there won’t be a next time!

Cod, green apple, chorizo. The chorizo flavours were a bit strong, to the extent I cannot really quite taste the cod. Perhaps the chorizo could be made redundant?

The best dish of the night! Lamb. Was perfect pink. Anyone would charge 15 pounds for a dish like this yet you have this in a tasting menu which only cost 49 pounds.

Pineapple tartin. I have to say I am not a fan of tartin and raisins in a dessert puts me off as I don’t like raisins. So this dessert didn’t really strike a chord with me.

Lovely little truffles to accompany my camomile tea below! I normally request hot chocolate at the end of every meal but I have now changed to a lower calorie drink! Cannot afford more calories after partaking all 7 dishes!

I really love Cail Bruich and generally do prefer it more than Number 16. 

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Transeurope cafe review (Glasgow)

Trans-europe cafe is a nice little cosy place for breakfast. It serves gourmet sandwiches and excellent sunday brunches.

We decided to try trans-europe cafe after a recommendation from a friend. 

As it is an open kitchen, yes your clothes will smell.

Prices are reasonable. Not too expensive.

Had my all-time favourite drink – hot chocolate and this was pretty good.

My friend had a latte…which looked very presentable. Haha…cannot comment about the taste as I didn’t taste it.

Love the egg benedict. Eggs were perfectly cooked and well presented. First impression was how is it that the hollandaise sauce looks so watery. I thought this was not going to turn out so well as the hollandaise sauce looked different from the normal hollandaise sauce I know. But it worked. Sauce has a slight mustard taste to it so gave a bit of a kick to the tastebuds.

My friend had a sandwich but I think I prefer my egg benedict more than anything else!

Overall, a wonderful experience. Nice environment to meet up with friends. I think the group of 6 of us were really lucky though to secure a place as it is quite a small restaurant with limited seats! Would come back someday for the hot chocolate and the eggs again.

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Cafezique Glasgow review

Breakfast is one of the meals I really look forward to on a weekend or post-nights.

My favourite is poached eggs, whether it be eggs royale, eggs florentine or eggs benedict..

It annoys me when the poached eggs is not perfectly done, especially in the restaurant.

I tried Cafezique in Glasgow 2 months ago….

We sat at the top which apparently is the better seating area as it does not smell as much.

I thought their hot chocolate was really good. Not too thick. Good enough for my liking.

My eggs royale. Poached eggs were perfectly cooked. Not overdone. Love how the poached eggs were on a single muffin rather than 2 separate muffins.

French toast, banana. A bit strange that the banana was lying at the side of the french toast. Not quite what I expected it to be.

My friend had a B.L.T which was pretty ok.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience here and would love to come back again for the eggs royale. Definitely met my expectations! Prices are not too expensive either. Food presentation was pretty good. Would love to have more!

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