Blueberry cheese Mille crepe cake

Now that I have got myself an IPad, it is a lot easier for me to blog using my iPad/iPhone photos!

I have another exam in November 2016 so let’s see how long I last in blogging till then!

imageCrepe cakes have been the recent craze in my baking sprees and the crepe cake I am going to blog about is my blueberry cheese crepe cake.

The wonderful thing about making crepe cakes is that you only need a good 8-9inch non-stick pan.


crepe recipe (makes approx 30 pieces of crepe):


675g fresh milk

405g eggs without shells

3/4 tsp salt

195g plain flour

84g icing sugar


90g butter (melted by double boiling)


  1. stir ingredients A in a large bowl until u get a smooth batter. Strain through a sieve, rest 30 minutes. Add in ingredients B and mix in well just prior to frying the crepes.
  2. Heat non-stick frying pan over medium heat until pan is really hot with a slight smoke seen. Use a small ladle and pour a little batter into the pan so that just a thin layer of batter covers the base of the pan.
  3. cook crepe until underside has set.
  4. when edge turns pale golden, use a spatula to ease it away from the pan. Use your hand and carefully lift out the crepe. Remember to stir the batter every time you scoop as the batter thickens on standing.
  5. Repeat process.



A: 250g cream cheese, 200g blueberry filling

B: 200g non-dairy fresh whipping cream



place ingredients A into a large mixing bowl, beat until soft and creamy.

Ingredients B beat until thickened.


To assemble the cake:

lay the cake on a turntable. Place one piece of crepe on it. Spread ingredient B (filling) on the crepe.

Layer a piece of crepe over the filling and spread ingredient B (filling) on the crepe.

Later another crepe over the filling and spread with ingredient A (filling).

To be honest it does not really matter which filling  you want to spread first, you can spread ingredient A (filling) first on the crepe or ingredient B (filling), it’s totally up to you. Just keep repeating the process until the end and spread some blueberry jam over the top.

Keep the cake chilled overnight before slicing!


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