Mini sausage bread rolls recipe

I recently stumbled upon nasilemaklover blog and was inspired by some of the amazing recipes in the blog. The mini sausage bread rolls was one of the recipes which I could not wait to get started on. I love these buns very much. I made them once 2 years ago using a different recipe but the dough was not as soft as this recipe. Maybe it was because I was using wholemeal flour.

But anyway, this recipe is just totally amazing as the texture of the bread is just so soft and stays soft for a few days. I could even manage this without a breadmaker.

Became greedy and doubled the recipe so ended up with approximately 36 buns.

To illustrate on how to roll the dough, the step-by-step pictures on nasilemaklover blog explains it all.

However, I found the methodology on rolling the dough a bit confusing on the blog. Hence, I have rephrased the sentences just so that I can understand easier next time. The numerical order will help me identify quickly which step I am working on at the time.

Anyway, compliments still goes to the amazing recipe created by nasilemaklover and you can find the step-by-step pictures here:

Recipe as follows (credits to

Mini sausage bread rolls (makes 19 rolls)


200g High Protein Flour or Bread flour

130g milk (Cold milk works fine)

35g sugar

3g instant yeast (1/2tsp+1/4tsp)

1/8tsp salt

25g butter, room temperature


Cocktail sausages, pat dry.

Sesame seeds

Egg wash (1 egg yolk + 1 tbsp milk)


1) Combine all the ingredients except butter in a mixing bowl. Knead until smooth.

2) Add in butter, continue to knead until you get a elastic and smooth dough. Keep the dough aside to rise until it has doubled in size.

3) Divide the dough into 20g each and roll into small balls. Set aside to rest for 10 minutes.

4) Take each rolled dough and use a rolling pin to flatten it (should look like a round-ish flattened pancake at the end). Then take two ends of the dough and bring it to overlap in the centre (looking like a cigarette). Set it aside for 10 minutes.

5) Use your hands to roll one end of each dough into a shape of cone. Then use a rolling pin to roll it flat.

6) Place a sausage at the flattened bigger end. Roll the dough over the sausage like how you would roll a swiss roll. Place the sausage rolls on a lined baking sheet. Do the same to the rest. Leave to proof for another 30-45 minutes.

7) Apply egg wash on top of the dough and then sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

8) Bake at a pre-heated oven 170C (fan forced) for 15-20 minutes or 180C (no fan) for 15-20 minutes